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About Company

Kalyani Springs manufactures and distributes mechanical springs, wireforms, stampings and fourslide parts worldwide. But there is more to Kalyani Springs than that, there is an extensive print and online catalog offering of over 25,000 inventoried products in a variety of materials. From 10 springs to 10 million springs, Kalyani Springs is the premier global source for stock catalog and custom designed mechanical springs and related products

  • We make it easy - exceptional personal attention
  • We have it - over 25,000 catalog products
  • We can design it - engineering expertise
  • We can make it - extensive custom manufacturing capabilities

  • Today, the Kalyani Springs brand sets the standard for excellence through bold product innovations, quality manufacturing and responsive customer care. Kalyani Springs takes pride in creating solution-driven responses. The Kalyani Springs Sales Team, Engineering Team and Manufacturing Teams collaborate to develop application specific resolutions

    Kalyani Springs understands the value to our customers for well qualified engineering support. Kalyani Springs engineers can offer assistance from design conception through project completion. Extensive expertise in spring design and mechanical engineering complement our customers design teams. kalyani Springss expanding global presence and in-depth knowledge of the worldwide marketplace puts kalyani Springs at the leading edge of creating market specific solutions for customers needs.

    With steady focus and attention to details, Kalyani Springs partners with you to find a resolution that meets local, regional and geographic requirements.