Clutch Plate Springs

Kalyani Springs also offers best clutch plate springs in the market manufactured with the best possible friction material to be used in your motorcycle and ATV. For making it more understandable to you; a clutch is a disc which is splined to the input shaft of the transmission. It is basically reset in between the flywheel and the pressure plate which makes it allow both to rotate along with the engine. These clutch plates are also known as spinning wheels which includes transmission on either side of the disc it includes metal surface rotating in combination with the engine. It is basically a connection point for the engine and the transmission which allow your vehicle to work for more than 2,00,000 km. the durability of the clutch actually depends upon the driver using the vehicle and regular maintenance given to your vehicle. We ensure you to provide superior quality clutch plate springs in the market ready to be installed in your automobiles. Manufacturing best clutch plate springs in the market using exceptional quality raw materials and the pioneering techniques under the guidance of our team of diligent professionals so that you could get springs at nominal prices.


  • Uniformly distributed pressure on pressure place
  • Compact design
  • Minimal moving components
  • Minimum friction
  • Work without releasing levers
  • Best to be used in low duty vehicles such as cars, Lories, and mini trucks