Clutch Plate Springs

Clutch Plate Springs are made from the finest material. We are constantly offering the best possible friction material for your motorcycle and ATV. Basically, a clutch is a disc, this clutch disc is splined to the input shaft of the transmission. This disc is reset between the flywheel and the pressure plate and both of which rotate with the engine. The clutch plate springs also known as spinning wheel with the transmission and on either side of this disc is a metal surface which rotates with the engine. As per its name, there’s some grasping going on here. This clutch is the connection point for the engine and the transmission. A clutch can work more than 2,00,000 Km but if the driver has does not maintained the vehicle properly, this component life will be reduced. We are a versatile entity in this field successfully affianced in providing superior quality Clutch Plate Springs. The provided springs are used for installation in clutch plated of automobiles. Our diligent professionals manufacture these springs with the use of exceptional quality raw materials and the pioneering techniques. Furthermore, our clients can purchase these springs at nominal prices from us.


  • No need of release levers
  • It gives uniformly distributed pressure on the pressure plate
  • It is more compact than other clutches
  • It consists of minimal moving components and hence internal friction is also minimum
  • It is commonly used in cars, Lories and mini truck i.e., not used in heavy-duty vehicles